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From improving the quality of your air to offering a better solution for heating a smaller space, BROAN creates a healthier, smarter home environment. The leader in home ventilation, and the largest producer of residential ventilation products, BROAN produces key outstanding items such as Range Hoods, Bath Fans and Air Exchangers products, to name a few. Maintaining focus on design and implementation, BROAN is also a leading producer of Central Vacuum Systems.

Range Hoods

The leader in home ventilation, BROAN offers the broadest line of kitchen ventilation products in North America, providing choices, style, value and a name you can trust.

Bath And Ventilation Fans

BROAN offers the widest variety of ventilation fans in the industry. For the latest high-performance, Energy Star qualified solution to today’s green building requirements, or ultra quiet operation for a comfortable environment, BROAN offers stylish options to fit any situation from a retrofit to a new build out. As the leader in residential ventilation, we will confidently meet your needs.

Central Vacuum Systems

Broan’s Central Vacuum System is the quietest and most powerful cleaning system that does more than clean floors. It enhances your home’s environment by improving indoor air quality while providing exceptionally clean carpets and other surfaces. Now cleaning can be accomplished while the baby is sleeping or the family is enjoying their favorite television show.

Air Exchangers

As the expert in Balanced Ventilation Systems for residential construction, BROAN sets the bar in standards of innovation and excellence. We are continually seeking ways to provide the best quality, technology, style and care to our customers.

Attic Ventilators

Air in your attic can reach 65°C during the summer, warming your home, increasing the load on your air conditioner, and adding to your energy bill. In winter, ice dams can result from poor ventilation, and moist air in the home can condense on attic surfaces, causing mildew, rotting wood and wet insulation. BROAN has the solution!


Designed with the installer in mind, Broan's attractive thermostats fit any decor and are ideal for controlling electrical baseboard heating systems or wall heaters with a 10°C to 30°C control range. Factory pre-stripped leads for easier installation, streamlined bi-metallic sensing strip allowing for more finger room for the installer and quadrex mounting screws all lend themselves to fast and easy installation.