Electric Furnaces

Cleanliness... Produces no soot or smoke.

Versatility... For complete comfort, add air conditioning, power humidifier or electronic air cleaner as desired. 

Quiet Operation...The only moving part, the blower, is specially mounted and balanced for optimal quiet operation. CSA approved for use in mobile homes.

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B Series

B-Series electric furnaces are clean, efficient and quiet. They can be installed almost everywhere, in a basement, closet, crawl space or any unused space.

Models Power Output kW Heat Generation BTU per hour Maximum Ventilation CFM Compare
21B10M 10 34152 1177 Compare Products
21B15M 15 51228 1301 Compare Products
21B18M 18 61473 1301 Compare Products
21B20M 20 68304 1301 Compare Products
21B25M 25 85379 1301 Compare Products
21B27MS 27 92210 1640 Compare Products
83B13 13.5 46105 1315 Compare Products
83B24 24 81964 1315 Compare Products
83B27 27 92210 1315 Compare Products