Fresh Air Ventilation for a Healthy Home

Fresh Air Ventilation = A healthy environment for you and your
family. Improve the indoor air quality of your home with affordable
BROAN Balanced Ventilation Systems. BROAN is the expert
in balanced ventilation systems for residences.

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Residential Balanced Ventilation Systems

Residential balanced ventilation systems introduce fresh air alone or include Heat Recovery (HRV) features. Select the unit that best matches the square footage requirements of your home or small office.

Models Coverage Area (sq ft) *Refer to local Building Code Air Exchange Rate (CFM) Power (W) Compare
HV 1.5 *Up to 2000 sq ft 30-55 CFM 140W Compare Products
HRV 5.1 *Up to 2700 sq ft 50-94 CFM 68W Compare Products
HRV 7.1 *Up to 3000 sq ft 50-104 CFM 68W Compare Products