Central Vacuum Systems

Broan’s Central Vacuum System is the quietest and most powerful cleaning system that does more than just clean floors. It enhances your home’s environment by improving indoor air quality while providing exceptionally clean carpets in addition to cleaning other surfaces. Broan’s Central Vacuum System is a quick, effective and quiet way to remove dust and allergens from your home with minimal effort.

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BQ Series - Power Units

The new BQ series has been engineered with ULTRASILENT™ sound technology to deliver strong suction power at noise levels amoung the quietest in the industry.

Models Power (air-watts) Sq Footage of the home (sq ft) Sound Level Compare
BQ3 650 up to 9000 65 dB Compare Products
BQ2 600 up to 7000 68 dB Compare Products
BQ1 500 up to 4000 70 dB Compare Products