Whatever the application or need, BROAN has the solution.

BROAN offers the widest variety of ventilation fans in the industry.  For the latest high-performance, ENERGY STAR® Certified solution to today’s green building requirements, or ultra quiet operation for a comfortable environment, BROAN offers stylish options to fit any situation from a retrofit to a new build out. As the leader in residential ventilation, we will confidently meet your needs.

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Radiation/Fire Damper Fan Project Packs

A fire resistant screen automatically closes when excessive heat is detected. The breakaway fusible link triggers the closing of the radiation damper’s fire resistant screen to prevent smoke and fire from traveling through the ductwork.

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Premium Radiation Dampers

When the air temperature passing through the damper exceeds 165°F the fusible link melts, triggering the thermal fabric to automatically close across the damper. Airflow is interrupted by a flame and heat barrier, preventing the rapid spread of fire to other areas.

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