Large space and high humidity? No problem.

BROAN offers powerful fans that can quickly remove large amounts of humidity and other contaminants such as odors. And what's more, they function quietly and efficiently.

BROAN Solutions

Lingering bathroom odors need not be a problem.

Just like humidity, bathroom odors can easily be dealt with.  It is especially important to deal with them quickly in a large bathroom because once they have time to move throughout the room, it will take longer to remove the larger volumes of offending air.  Whisking them away is a breeze with a BROAN ventilation fan properly sized to do the job quickly.  In larger bathrooms that have separate water closets, it may be possible to use a fan with a lower CFM rating and then install a separate fan in the larger portion of the bathroom to remove shower humidity. BROAN offers models that are extremely quiet or if you prefer–not so quiet.  They also come in a variety of style options including recessed fan/lights and decorative light fixtures with fans.