Large space and high humidity? No problem.

BROAN offers powerful fans that can quickly remove large amounts of humidity and other contaminants such as odors. And what's more, they function quietly and efficiently.

BROAN Solutions

Fans are no longer a necessary evil.

Some fans are powerful enough to solve the problem at hand but are not frequently used because they are too loud.  Your ventilation fan need not wake the neighbors (or others in your home).  Sound levels are rated in sones where the lower the rating number, the quieter the fan.  Typical economy fans are rated at about 4.0 sones or more while any fan rated 1.0 sones or less is very quiet (1.0 sones is roughly equivalent to a modern refrigerator).  BROAN offers models that have Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified sone ratings of <0.3 which is the lowest possible.  We recommend using a control with an LED on indicator light for these models as you may forget they are running.