Your creativity and style will help you define the design of your kitchen.

Perhaps the greatest rule of design to remember is that “Form follows function,” originally stated by architect Louis Sullivan. That said, knowing what you want to achieve and how you want to go about it are good places to start when it comes to making decisions for your kitchen. BROAN can help you choose the right kitchen ventilation system to suit your personal cooking style as well as your personal taste.

BROAN Solutions

An intense love of cooking requires the proper ventilation.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or for a party, you seek the extraordinary. Exotic dishes and spectacular meals require special or advanced culinary techniques. An intense cooking style will require more CFM and greater capture to remove the larger amounts of smoke and odors it creates. Select range hoods that can exhaust at least 350 CFM; more if your cooking appliance is over 60,000 BTU or if it has a char broiler. Cooking surfaces over 60,000 BTU may have a manufacturer’s requirement to have a range hood with an exhaust rate of 100 CFM per 10,000 BTU. Additionally, BROAN recommends selecting a width that is 6 inches greater than your cooking surface width to improve capture of smoke and odors.