Range Hoods are easily identified by the type or category that they fall into.

There are eight common ways a range hood can be categorized for the type of situation it applies to. Once your type of range hood has been established, you can quickly identify the model to fulfill your needs.

BROAN Solutions

Under-cabinet range hoods are designed to easily install to the bottom of cabinets, and to effectively remove smoke and odor. It also provides bright cook top lighting and excellent protection for the surrounding cabinets.

Whether you are updating, upgrading or replacing a range hood, you will find a BROAN model to suit your needs and budget. BROAN offers choices that fit into 24” to 36” cabinet widths in popular appliance matching colors as well as a broad selection of performance levels and feature appointments. All the hardware you need to install the hood to the bottom of the cabinet is included with each unit for your convenience. In most cases, these hoods can be easily installed in a couple of hours for a fresh new look.