Don’t re-circulate the dirt when you vacuum. Get rid of it!

Uprights and other systems re-circulate the suction air back into the room, leaving billions of microscopic particles to settle on surfaces or to be inhaled by you and your family. With its HEPA filtration and anti-stick technology, Broan central Vacuums trap the dust and bacteria inside the debris basket giving your home and your family a clean and healthy environment.

Common Challenges

BROAN Solutions

Love having your pet and having a clean home too.

Uprights remove larger particles from your home but do not remove all of the smaller particles. A Broan Central Vacuum has five times the cleaning power of an upright vacuum to pick up all of the particles and remove them from your home. Uprights use systems that re-circulate particles back into the air, some of which are deposited back into your home. Air pollutants in the home can be a major contributor to health issues such as asthma, fatigue, itchy eyes, and even sleeping problems. Nasal, non-nasal, eye and sleep symptoms were all reduced between 49% to 60% with the use of a central vacuum system.