Kitchen ventilation, above and beyond the range hood.

There are many kitchen ventilation needs that often go unaddressed, apart from what is handled by your range hood. A quality range hood is the ideal solution for grease, odors and humidity emanating from the stove top or oven, but they can generate heat, odors and humidity outside of the hood’s capture area. Supplemental ceiling mounted ventilation is the answer to the problem.

BROAN Solutions

It’s great to clean the oven, but not so great to fill the air with chemicals. A ceiling fan solves the problem.

Whether you use the self-cleaning feature on your oven or a chemical-based cleaning solution, the post-cleaning aftermath can lead to a kitchen full of nasty odors and airborne contaminants that neither a range hood nor open windows will fullly remove. Eliminate them as quickly as possible with a ceiling mounted ventilation fan (note that there are certain requirements for placement of such fans away from stove/cooktop surfaces). High air movement options are available that can easily and quietly handle the job.