Powder rooms have unique needs.

The unique needs of powder rooms call for unique solutions. Unlike full bathrooms that are often in more remote parts of the home, powder rooms are usually located in high traffic areas and are frequented by guests. This typically means that styling and other factors become more important. BROAN is ready with a long list of beautiful options.

Common Challenges

BROAN Solutions

Eliminate powder room odors before they spread.

The most common issue in powder rooms is odor.  Even though these rooms are typically small and have no shower humidity issues, they can still be especially problematic because of their location in the home.  Remove odors quickly with a powerful BROAN ventilation fan.  Many options are available including a range of sound levels and styles.  Because powder rooms are often very visible and frequently used by guests, many homeowners want a fan that is not only effective but attractive as well.  We offer very inconspicuous recessed fan/lights as well as decorative fan/light models that match any décor from traditional to contemporary and in a variety of finishes such as brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or chrome.