The laundry room doesn’t have to smell like laundry.

Laundry rooms are often home to many unpleasant smells coming from sources such as dirty clothes, bleach and strong detergents. If not appropriately removed, these odors can move into other parts of the home. A strategically placed ventilation fan can easily solve the problem, so dining and entertaining needn’t compete with unwanted smells.

Common Challenges

BROAN Solutions

Unwanted heat and humidity from your laundry can be easily removed.

Laundry is not necessarily an enjoyable task to begin with. The fact that the air in laundry/utility rooms often contains two unwanted byproducts of the process doesn’t help. Your washing machine and the wet clothes that come out of them put extra humidity in the air and your dryer can put excess heat into the air. All of this can be easily remedied with a powerful and quiet ventilation fan from BROAN which offers a number of sizes and styles to fit your décor including some which can supply additional task lighting in a room where it seems you can never have enough.