Electric Furnaces

Cleanliness... Produces no soot or smoke.

Versatility... For complete comfort, add air conditioning, power humidifier or electronic air cleaner as desired. 

Quiet Operation...The only moving part, the blower, is specially mounted and balanced for optimal quiet operation. CSA approved for use in mobile homes.

General Features

  • Clean and 100% Efficient: Electric furnaces produce no soot or smoke and all of the heat produced stays inside
  • Quiet Operation: Specially mounted and balanced blower for optimal quiet operation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Multi-speed motor
  • B Series models use sequencers to activate the heating elements
  • D & ECM Series models use printed circuit board (PCB) controllers to activate the heating elements
  • Available in a wide range of capacities ranging from 10 kW to 27 kW
  • Installation Flexibility: Multi-position installation options mean the furnace may be installed in a basement, closet or crawl space.
  • Compatible with Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Humidifiers or Air Cleaners
  • Compatible with one or two-stage thermostats and humidistats
  • Nickel-chrome heating elements create extremely high thermal efficiency
  • Safety Limits: Each element is equipped with a high temperature limit which will prevent operation at unsafe air temperatures due to blocked or dirty filters
  • Magnetic circuit breakers cut-off power supply if any increase in current is detected to comply with CSA standards
  • Heavy duty 24 volt transformer
  • Thermostat “On” Light assists in diagnosing and locating the source of any malfunction
  • CSA Approved for zero clearance against combustible materials with complete safety
  • Rugged steel cabinet with baked epoxy powder coat finish
  • Removable one-piece door for easy access to all interior components
  • Standard disposable 20” x 20” filter to trap dust and lint (included)


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