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    • Airtight: Patented floating ball check valve eliminates backdrafts for greater home comfort
    • Noiseless: Provides virtually silent operation, even in strong winds
    • Secure: Grid and ball prevent animal intrusions
    • Insulating: Durable insulation material eliminates thermal bridge to improve energy efficiency and prevent condensation on ducts
    • Lowers Heating Costs: Prevents heated air from escaping when dryer or bath fan is not in use

    The EcoVent by Broan is the only exit vent to feature the patented floating ball check valve. This award-winning innovation improves air flow efficiency, reduces heating costs and provides an airtight thermal seal that prevents condensation in ducts while eliminating backdrafts to keep homes quiet and secure even on the windiest days. With EcoVent, animals can’t get in and heated or cooled air won’t get out. It is an attractive, easy way for homeowners to enjoy a more comfortable, secure and energy efficient home.